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Date Monday 11th January 2016
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Location: , Raurkela , Orissa , India


Revaluation In India with Helping Plan. Running in 7 Countries Successfully- Now Launched in India-So Book your Manager Position in Your City & State.

No id Blocks , No Rejected Links, No Fake Links, No Confirmation waiting's, No Tasks

Our team is Working from UP,MP,Maharashtra,AP,TG,Bangalore,Chennai,Haryana,Assam, Jharkhand Odisha,Delhi. Full Support for Pan India- 08260184581 and Sponsor id:

Visit : span style="font-family:times new roman,times,serif">

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1) Registration is Free

2) Daily interest income is 3.33% (100% Growth) for 365 days and Speed Bonus - 5%

3) Direct Sponsor Income is 10% & Re-commitment Income 5% for Unlimited depth

4) 20% Provide Help Link will come within 48 Hours and Remaining 80% Will come on after 15 Days

5) Speed Bonus is 4% to Sender & 1% is to Receiver

6) Minimum deposit is Rs.2500 to Rs.100000

7) Manager Income is

5% on 1st Level income

4% on 2nd Level Income

3% on 3rd Level Income

2% on 4th Level Income

1% on 5th Level Income

0.10% after 5th Level to Unlimited depth - Call Now to Book Your Top Position Mr.Eshwar-08260184581.


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