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Date Tuesday 12th March 2019
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*PEARLVINE INTERNATIONAL* *PEARLVINE IS NOT A COMPANY, IT IS A SECURED SOFTWARE* *There is no one owner of this group, nor is it any branch any where in the world. Every person becomes his companion who joins it.* Based on your team and Mynt purchase, the software automatically determines its dividend and provides your dividend immediately. *It works by a special type of software that is the world's finest, fast and unique creation.* It is designed in such a way that as long as the internet remains in the world, this software will continue to work. *The data contained in it is completely secured and hidden. No external power can have any control over it.* The data of its registered users can not be viewed in any way. Only the user can see his data. A lot of work has been done to protect the PEARLVINE.COM. *Its sever has been given multi layer security, so it is completely secured.* Our Website 👇👇 ** To Join Please contact *SHAIK BABA* *09989558802* * Plz Download The App From Play Store 👇👇 **

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