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Entrepreneurship Development Fund and Business «Global InterGold»

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Date Tuesday 10th January 2017
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«Global InterGold»

Today, gold is literally attracted to the money in the pocket of the owner! This precious metal is still the most popular among the population of the globe, and therefore a business that takes advantage of gold is the most stable and profitable.
Now people have the opportunity to create your own personal gold reserves of cash with minimal cost in exchange for the expansion of the customer base.
Global InterGold - This program is for people who aspire to freedom, well-being, personal growth, and are eager to change the world for the better and help close This is a program, conditions which are suitable for people from all over the globe, regardless of age, gender, level! income and knowledge!

Gold helps to preserve and increase capital, and is a highly liquid product, that is, it can always be quickly and easily exchanged for money.

The company has developed a revolutionary loyalty program that allows customers to pay up to 90% of the value of the investment gold at the expense of bonuses. Bonuses (in euros) is charged at the buyer's expense for the recommendations and expansion of the customer base online store.

  1. The buyer may:
  2. Buy the product at full price;
  3. Make an advance payment of 150 euros, and the remaining amount to cover the expense of bonuses;
  4. Sell ​​bullion, purchased in the online store back at any time, the price of the current day.

Within 14 days, the buyer is entitled to cancel the order and refund your money.
Our company is under the jurisdiction of the European Union. Global InterGold administrative office is located in London.
To buy and sell gold, we provide customers with a simple and affordable business model with elements of network marketing.

Start a business and you can earn in 5 steps:

  • Join Now
  • Make out orders with a minimum advance payment
  • Get bonuses for recommendations
  • Pay for your order at the expense of bonuses
  • Get gold bars at their disposal

Shop Online Global InterGold, in exchange for promotion and product recommendations to other people, offers customers the opportunity to purchase gold with minimal monetary expenses by a «GOLDSET» program making out orders;

GoldSet Start - place a new order of pre-registration, making a purchase of gold bars worth a total of 150 euros and invite 2 people
  ► 500 Euro - private reward that can be removed.
  ► 540 Euro company automatically charges for the transition to the main table «GoldSet Standard».

GoldSet Standard - The buyer places an order for the purchase of gold bars totaling 3500 euros
  ► Entrance fee is 540 Euro
  ► Award for passage of Euro 3500 table.
  ► Prerequisite: two invited you in the main table (the condition is met 1 time).

Are there risks?

Business with Global InterGold is legal and protected from risks. Purchased gold you can sell back to the online store at any time. And if you take out the first order, but within 14 days, decide to abandon it, we will refund you the money.

Become a client and earn on gold!
Gold - it's more than money



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